It is the most representative variety of the area and the Jumilla Designation of Origin.

We have differentiated two areas of Monastrell grape depending on the age of the vines: the youngest, formed by vines planted in 2006, is located in the Finca del Cuco (its name comes from the shelter in an oval shape that is located on the farm ).

The oldest areas of Monastrell grape are those that we have linked in plots with vines over 50 years old. The latter are the basis of our great wines. They are cultivated in a glass and in a strict rain-fed regime. They produce low yields, but with great concentration, providing the typical character and personality of the variety.


The Finca de Las Gateras is dedicated to the cultivation of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety since 2003.

This type of grape confers to the red wines body and structure, being the base for the crianzas.


In the Finca de La Casilla and Finca de La Cañada we find the Syrah variety.

Planted in 2002, it is one of the varieties that best develop its potential in this area.


The Pedreras, Cerro Blanco and Teófilo Estates have been dedicated since 2002 to the cultivation of the Merlot variety.

Their clayey lands produce wines with more body, more tannins and greater possibility of conservation than sandy soils.


At Finca Porrudos you can find our Tempranillo crops.

This variety develops a great aromatic potential, and produces very fruity and fresh wines.


The Chardonnay variety is cultivated in the Basteguillas and Florida Farms, where we find suitable soils for dry, fresh and fruity white wine.


The Cingla, Cerro and Cañada de la Ermita estates are intended for the cultivation of small grain Muscat. Its floors provide freshness, acidity, elegance and finesse.


Since 2004, the Cespial Estate is dedicated to the cultivation of Petit Verdot, producing wines with a particular and unique character.


In the town of Pétrola we find the cold climate typical of the northern regions. This characteristic makes the area an excellent place for the cultivation of the Verdejo variety, promoting the fresh and herbaceous character of this grape.

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