Our vineyards enjoy a continental climate; softened partly by the Mediterranean, to the east; and hardened by the plateau of La Mancha, to the west.

We could say that it is an arid climate with little rain (with 300 liters per square meter per year), with very hot summers (over 40º) and cold winters (the thermometer descends below 0º with ease).

In this climate of extremes is where, contrary to what might seem, the genesis of what will become great wines takes place. The reason is that this climate facilitates a healthy growth, both of the plant and of the fruit. The absence of humidity makes it possible for treatments to be minimal, since rot does not appear in the middle of this dryness.

Thanks to these conditions, more ecological and healthy wines are achieved.

The quality of the wines begins with the land in which the vine produces its fruits. It is the so-called "terroir", that perfect combination of soil, climate, location and orientation of the vineyards.

In our case, these characteristics are very clear. The soils of the whole area are brown or brown-limestone, with good water capacity and medium permeability, which means that the strains can survive in conditions of prolonged water stress. They are poor in organic matter, high pH and low salinity. Its frank and sandy-loam texture gives it good aeration.

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