Pío del Ramo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product of limited production, coming from our own olive groves. Pio del Ramo offers a superior category with an organic olive oil of unsurpassed quality and exceptional qualities, both analytical and sensory.

In the elaboration of our oil we use the arbequina, picual and royal varieties. The olives are harvested between six and eight months, when the fruit has reached its optimum point of maturation. After a careful selection of our best olives, the fruit is subjected to a cold extraction process, using exclusively mechanical procedures. Thanks to this process, we maintain all the qualities of the fruit and obtain an oil of the highest quality. Its aroma and flavor reproduce faithfully those of the olive from which they come, maintaining intact all the healthy and nutritional attributes of this exceptional natural product, pillar of the Mediterranean diet. An exhaustive control of the entire production chain guarantees traceability, food safety and the quality of the

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pio del Ramo, with the aim that you can fully enjoy all its qualities.

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